Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jenn and Randy's visit

We had such a blast with Randy and Jennifer visiting this weekend. It was great to show them our home and where we attend church. Jenn and I went to Portsmouth for the Flea Market on Saturday morning and for some coffee and tea afterwards- I love those chats and just getting to catch up with each other!
We spent the afternoon at the beach. It was hot, but the waves weren't that great for boogey boarding. We hoped for better ones as the afternoon wore on so we stayed until close to 6:00pm. For dinner we had been going back and forth with what to do. John and I were trying to think of a place exclusive to Virginia Beach that we could take them. We didn't find a place exclusive to Va Beach but we did give them Beach experience by going to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner in our swimsuits straight from the beach- sand and all!!! Everyone slept well on Saturday night after such a busy day!
On Sunday we went to church and treated Randy and Jenn to our favorite Mexican spot. That afternoon Randy and John decided to return to the beach at Sandbridge to see if the waves were any better while Jenn and I took naps. I woke up about 3:40ish to thunder. I found Jenn in the living room reading the tornado warnings on TV- they advised us to get in the bathroom and cover up with blankets and pillows. Of course we are both wondering--- Where are our husbands?? We took our tea and the laptop and hung out in the bathroom just to be safe- oddly enough this is what Randy and John came home too- hahahaha!!! Thankfully, the tornado didn't end up coming near us like we thought.
We had a wonderful time with them, but we sure missed our nieces and nephew. We hope they can come visit sometime so we spoil them and take them to the beach. Round 2 of Family comes this weekend and then it's time to head home!

Blueberries, Books, Baseball, a Bloomin' Onion and the local BP!!

A couple of Saturdays ago I went and did a few things I had never done before...
The morning started with blueberry picking with some of the girls from church. It was early and the sun was hot! Needless to say, it's been two weeks since we went and the blueberries are already gone...soooo much fun.
That evening we joined up with Wes and Katie Kouba for a trip to Norfolk for another Tides game. Wes had a great idea to stop at Ollies on the way to check out their books. For those of you who haven't heard of Ollies (because I had not until we moved here) it's a huge discount store and they actually get in some really good books that John finds useful for studying. We left with a lot of great books. Which is so exciting when you consider how much books cost and how much we saved on some really good titles.
We had a great time at the Tides Game- once again with funnel cakes and ice cream. Wes and Kate generously let us get in on their free tickets that Katie won at work. We have so enjoyed getting to know them. They just recently moved in around the corner in their new house. Katie works with me and I love to have her there to shoot emails to during the day and go for coffee runs. How I'd miss her if she wasn't there!
After the game Wes and Katie took us to the loval Outback to have our first bloomin' onion. Fried onion with this amazing dressing...We thought we could down two of them, but I think we would have had a car full of sick people if we would have proceeded with that thought.
Now is where it gets interesting...on our way home (it was late) we pass someone pushing there car on the side of 264. Thinking it looks like an old lady we pull over and reverse down the shoulder (never done that before either). It wasn't an old lady- in fact it turned out be a girl who must have worked as a chauffer??? She was all too thankful to see John and Wes arrive to help her. She gave them $20 and we went and found the closest gas station, which turned out to be a BP (hence the aliteration. It all turned out to be well though- There was a Public Service vehicle gassing up her car when we arrived. I guess I could also have called this post 'Adventures with Wes and Katie'. Thanks guys, we had a great time!!