Monday, June 8, 2009

Our First Grown Up Anniversary

Tomorrow is John and my 3rd Wedding Anniversary (!!!!) I think, Wow. I'm calling it our first grown up anniversary because it's our first anniversary since we have been married that we are both working and not taking the day off to leisurely hang out. With our new home on the horizon and new floors coming into play - it's off to work we go. (Thank the Lord for the good jobs He has given to us that He uses to continually provide for us).

Anyhow, I think of where we are right now in comparison to Day 1, Year 1, 2 and now 3. It has gone so fast so far. And I beg the Lord to give us many years more. Sometimes I think of what life would be like without John now that I have had him in my life. Morbid? - possibly. I tend to be morbid by nature, I suppose. However, it does make me hold him tighter and sit closer to him when I get the chance. I have such admiration for him for so many things. One thing primarily - he has taught me to not take myself so seriously. I never knew he was so silly and funny until after we were married - never knew I needed that in my life and I needed to change and laugh more and contemplate less. If I am amazed at how the Lord has changed us in three years, I can only imagine how He will continue to use our marriage to sanctify our lives for his honor. It's good to look back and remember. It's puts life into perspective.

I cherish what my husband has brought to my life. I can only hope I add as much to his life as he has added to mine.

On the Sea of Galilee in Israel a few weeks ago...