Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello, Old Friend

The cold I had picked up at Tim and Kristen's wedding has all but left except for some coughing and congestion that Sudafed keeps under control. But one thing that cold has affected is the taste of coffee- that treacherous cold. (pls note the tone of disdain)
So, tonight I took another effort at it. Pulled out my best Gevalia- used extra rounded scoops and valiantly pushed the "ON" button on the coffee pot. I poured my cup- took a sniff- and (inhale) Hello, Old Friend- the cold is letting go.
I'm making out like a bandit with Tim and Kristen moving out of their old places into their new apartment. So far I've gotten a smashing silverware tray, some old silverware to use for work, a new food chopper (electric!!), a lazy susan tray, three Chicago Cutlery knives (just call me Rachael Ray), a really neat chair to go with my desk, and since they don't have wireless we've inherited Kristen's computer for a little bit- (can you tell with all the extra blogging?)
It's been like a free rummage sale...which is so much better than a regular rummage sale.

Monday, June 25, 2007


What would be your theme song?

Last night in church I really enjoyed our song service. I always enjoy learning new songs that have such strong words- Complete in Thee, Be Unto Your Name, O Great God...

And so I started thinking about it- what would be my life theme song? I think it changes. When we moved to Virginia it was Mark Schultz's He Will Carry Me. When I was a Junior in college I loved the song I Touched the Heart of God. Being a Senior in college and facing an uncertain future I clung to Be Still My Soul and really identified with A Place in This World -as I'm sure many seniors do. After one year into school and marriage with John and being away from the familiar home and family the song that comes to mind the most is Complete in Thee and Follow Love. It's funny how different songs take you through different phases of life.

So, I pose the question to you- what would be your 'life song'?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Wedding Weekend

Just a quick post- will write more later about the wonderful weekend and the beautiful wedding. We came, we saw, they got married-- yea!!! Great trip and great time with family and it was so exciting to see Tim and Kristen finally joined together!

Looks Like We've Made It!

Just to catch you up on some of the things going on in the Varner home...
John and I have taken up tennis and are really enjoying it. It's nice to get out and get some exercise without realizing that you are getting good execise! John is a good teacher. I love having a husband who can pick up a sport and do fairly well after he tells me he's not very good (I used to believe this- after bowling with him the other night and he scored over 130 I don't believe him anymore!)

We also enjoyed our Labor Day weekend with Tim and Kristen at the mall helping them pick out their comforter and playing arcade basketball- a new experience for me!

Our first anniversary was last week. We really enjoyed our evening together. I made a duplicate of our wedding cake top and we celebrated with sparkling cider and strawberries and cake. John suprised me with a big bouquet of flowers that were from our wedding (lilies, peach and ivory roses, and hydranga (sp?)). Such a suprise and it was so beautiful it really made me cry. After all my tears about not getting flowers at work my husband spoiled me with a bouquet better than I could have imagined!! And he had flowers in the refrigerator at the seminary the whole time-- spoiled? Quite possibly.

The next morning we took off and went to Williamsburg and got our year passes. We enjoyed a few sites before the heat pushed us over to the outlet mall to enjoy an afternoon of shopping. We ended up at home later on after some good Mexican food and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a movie. These anniversaries are just like birthdays- count us in for many more!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

We've Only Just Begun...

Pictures are coming...John and I have embarked on some more firsts for us over the past few weeks. Tennis, our first Memorial Day, our first year Anniversary- that has to be the biggest first!!

Lately I had been thinking a lot about what life was like a year ago- thinking back through our wedding week and the end of things last year. The last day of my job, packing boxes, wrapping presents for thank you's, picking my fiance' up from the airport, the last night in my childhood room, the last morning at home- that's never home like it was when your name was Gordon. Now it's Mom and Dad's house- somewhere I hope to go back and visit. Even though Virginia doesn't feel completely like home, I can never go Wisconsin home again- once choosing to enter into that new covenant with the man I love - so much has to change. And think of the marvelous things that have brought about change...I see John everyday- he has become more of my best friend than he was when we were dating and he has become such a solid support for myself.
I have learned that a new environment will show you what you are made of. Characteristics I did not realize possessed- a sobering realization when they are not all Christ-like...You disconver the good and bad- the fact that you are stronger and weaker than you thought, more persistent yet easily wearied, convinced of God's working- but often questioning His plans and purpose for you when He feels far away. And I think , "When will it be normal and Virginia will be home?" Maybe that is not in my good and righteous God's plan- I can only look at this as His way of pursuing me through more than I can comprehend.
I used to listen to 'Home' and think of John and place him as my home- and he is my home- if nothing else seems 'normal' there is the constancy of my husband and the relationship that we share...and even with all of that it's not enough without the pursuit of Christ between both of us- really, with Christ we should be content wherever we are with the knowledge of His love and the opportunity to glorify Him- in the end this world is not where we belong anyways- we have a heavenly country and a heavenly Bridegroom. Even so come, Lord Jesus...