Friday, May 25, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Home from Kansas! And what a whirlwind trip!! (I should warn you, this is going to be like three blogs in one).We had a great time celebrating Karen's Graduation from High School and we are so proud of her! After a long plane ride (that left us all a little sleepy from getting up around 3:30 am) we met up with the family complete with Grandmas and Grandpas and had lunch. I wimped out and took a nap before the evening got started. And let me tell you, Varners can last for a loooooong day!
Karen's Graduatoin was very nice, a little lengthy (my husband and his brother got a little squirrely during the Benediction- myself possibly included, but we'll blame it on lack of sleep and a long Commencement) and once we got home Uncle Robert and Aunt Nancy came over and chatted up a party until around midnight...needless to say, I faded before the party was supposed to be over.
The next day was a laid back day around the house- some games, a little shopping, dinner at McDonalds, and a LOT of socializing! We even got out in the church yard and played softball. I was never much of a softball player, but my new family introduced me right to it. Turns out I actually can connect with the ball! Surprise for all of us- especially me!
Another big monument in John and I's life...we decided to take the plunge and buy in bulk (Sam's Club)! You should have seen us- strolling our cart up and down the aisles with wide eyes laughing at the huge packages of gallon plastic bags- which we purchased while John was saying, "When are we ever going to use 252 gallon sized plastic bags?" I told him, "Babe, to shop here- you can' t think that way because it will kind of defeat the purpose." (That's right - I'm telling him that- the man who relishes buying bulked items.)
Sadly enough, coming home brought about the stomach flu and a very sick me for the next few days- work is overflowing at my Place of Employment- definite job security going on. What a bout! I would not wish that on anyone, but so glad I have a wonderful husband to love me in sickness and in health.

I like the Outdoors...just not our Outdoors...

After a long day indoors what could be more refreshing than getting Outdoors!! Thus was my plan for the evening. I would put my lawn chair and tray table on the little slab outside our back patio and enjoy my bowl of cereal along with my Real Simple magazine for dinner. I envisioned a slight breeze with a little Josh Groban musing in the background...unforunately...
I poured the milk on my cereal before I had continued with the rest of this thought. So I scrambled to get my chair and my tray set up outside. After getting my phone, magazine, cereal, and water on the tray I realized I had to close the back door (because it was hotter outside than I realized) which shut out my musical guest Josh Groban. Okay- better to enjoy the birds, right? Once I get settled into my chair and get my bowl of cereal my attitude again becomes optimistic- first bite of my cereal my optimism took a nose dive- mushy cereal- mmmmmm. And with that I couldn't even balance the magazine on my lap while eating (maybe I'm innate) because I had to swap the bugs that began to descend upon me. Arms flailing (just a little bit)and squirrels bouncing around the branches over my head, I then notice the questionable activity of the neighbors across the street (which if you know our neighborhood- you understand) so that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. And then my luck, the neighbor who lives upstairs decides to open the window while she's cooking dinner- and since the stomach flu has left me still a little queasy I wasn't too crazy about the scent. I finished my cereal and got through the section on the summer purses and decided- I like the Outdoors...just not our Outdoors. So, I lugged everything back inside and finished the supper hour with Judge Judy.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

3:15 AM...not a very happy thought....

Here it is ten minutes to 11:00 pm. I'm sitting on the couch bemoaning the time of the morning our plane departs for Kansas. 6:00 am is too early for flights....especially in our post- 9/11 world. But what a wonderful thought to see family, Karen's graduation, and time away from work! The thing I am really looking forward to is a Starbucks during our layover before flying into Kansas and traveling with my best friend and boyfriend, John.
I reached a goal last night. I found a new hairdresser. Small, I know. But it is part of my phasing in plan of moving here. It was December when I realized I had not officially moved to Virginia Beach. I didn't have a Dentist, Doctor, Beautician, place to buy products, Mary Kay lady, etc. I have just about marked them all of the list- almost officially moved in - a year later. Talk about a slow adjuster.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yea for Pictures! (for the things I've been telling my mom about!!!)

John and I in downtown CanCun, Mexico in March

Kayla in her new swimsuit and Easter Bunny ears that
were in her Easter Basket from John and I.

Flowers that John had sent me for Easter

Our new chair for our bedroom that was given to us
and the lamp next to it is one of the antique lamps I found
for a steal at a Garage Sale.

The inside of my new writer's desk I found a the Flea Market

A full shot of the desk- I am still looking to replace
three of the drawer pulls

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Call me ideal but...

Really...the little things make me happy.
I suppose it's time to explain my blog title- although, I have to admit I think it's pretty self explanatory.
I am finding more and more that little things going right just make the day. I don't ask for much- really. So, when I can hit all the green lights on my way to work or happen to run into a friend at the grocery store the day seems to take on a new perspective. I love to get a package at the door or a new Real Simple magazine in the mail. Cards made by my nieces and nephew and letters from my parents with the previous Sunday bulletin from home inside- these little things make me happy.
My husband knows that the little things matter to me. When I come home from work and the bed is made and the dishes are done and the ironing board is put away (I kind of leave the house in a hurry in the AM while John is still sleeping but anyhow,) when he has taken the effort to fold the quilt and put it back on the back of the couch where it belongs- I'm ELATED!! Not that he's messy- it's just that I value the little things.
Today I came home from work to find the house picked up and a note telling me he loved me along with the new Michael Buble' cd for our 11 month anniversary. That just made the end of a very long, very drudgerous day take on a whole new light. I guess that's one of the reasons I love John so much- He's so great at the little things.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Talking to myself and feelin' old...
Sadness. Our laptop is out of commission...again. It seems our cord is not working so I'm reduced to going to the library to write. Quite appropo actually.
Another rainy day here in Virginia. But, with rainy days come warm Starbucks (and cold coffees I accidentally dumped all over the sidewalk in front of my office), an excuse to veg on the couch during the evening and an empty grocery store for free roaming of the aisles. But it also includes flat hair, watching too much tv, and buying entirely way too many groceries. How was your evening?
Also, we are really out in the open- no more viewing by invitation only!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I'm on the Bandwagon

Hi Mom and Dad- this is so for you (and Debs). After a very full week of softball, new job, flea markets (and a new antique desk with a $.08 stamp with Eisenhower's face on it- that has to be worth something, right?), Ladies Spring Tea, and lamps from a rummage sale that I couldn't describe to mom over the phone I decided it was time for a blog- not for me, but for each of you! Not that I'm so great, but I'm Mom and Dad's favorite.

My first post

Hi, my name is Bethany (Hi, Bethany!!)
I've been a closet blogger. I blog in my head, but never comment on the blogs I read. I now realize it is time to come out in the open blog world and stop resisting the urge to journal openly and uninhibited. That's why you only get a select invitation to my blog...for now.