Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sham Rock On...

So, I've been waiting for pictures of the race to come before I posted on my Shamrock experience... unfortunately, the picture they sent to me was for the person with bib number 2022...mine was 2072. That part aside... I completed my first race a few weeks ago. It was an amazing experience - it was an early experience. I cannot tell you the anticipation that was inside of me the night before. I was so nervous about what to expect and going it alone since Laura (who had planned to run with me) had gotten sick that week and wasn't going to be able to run. It was almost a dread in my stomach.

I left our house a little after 6:00 am to meet up with some friends and drive down to the oceanfront where the race was being held. Once we got there, it was so much chillier than I had anticipated - which turned out to be a good thing once the race began. After waiting for awhile, we gathered at the START. I felt calm and so excited waiting for them to shoot the gun off to get started. 8:00 am arrived and the gun went off and the sea of people began to disperse and spread out. It was incredible. On the second half of my first mile I was struck with the realization that I was doing this...I'm doing this!

Running along the boardwalk was incredible - smelling the salt of the water and the sand, watching the sun climb higher over the water. I relished every part of it and completed in a time I was pleased with. I'll never forget running towards the King Neptune statue hearing my friend yelling my name from the crowd and me hollering back at her (like you would only do in an athletic/competition setting or camp, I guess) and busting across the Finish Line. Great experience...awesome feeling...and that was only an 8k... what do you think a half marathon would feel like?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My husband and ...

The way I love to start out this story... Guess who John and I had breakfast with on Monday while in Alexandria? Well, technically he was eating two booths over. John and I had gone to DC for the weekend (a cloudy, rainy weekend - but still it was great to be in the city and together) and we decided to leave on Monday morning after having breakfast at an 'out of the way' corner diner. We walk in and take a seat. Our waitress greets us - rather distractedly - and tells us that Val Kilmer is sitting in the booth behind us. Which at first I didn't believe because there was an African American man sitting behind us and I knew that Val Kilmer was White... So... finally I see him - or rather hear his deep voice and I know it's him - two booths away. It was quiet enough that I think he enjoyed his breakfast, but there was enough commotion for the waitress and the owner to get their pictures with him, a local to have a full conversation with him (and get a phone number), for my eggs to be delivered to another table (and I got to watch them get eaten), and the customer service to be less than great. I think our waitress forgot about us in the midst of the excitement. John couldn't place who he was so he wanted to get a picture. I chickened out - my thoughts - he gets enough of that - let's just leave him alone...So, out to the car we go. John grabs the camera and I take a seat in the car and call my sister to tell her about our morning. I wait a couple of minutes before I see him coming out and looking a little smug - he met his movie star and took a picture to prove it...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Just a few things I've been thinking of lately that I really love and am so glad I have been introduced to... (it's the little things!)

- My Cuisinart Coffeemaker and Krups grinder - makes the BEST coffee ever. Especially when coupled with my next favorite thing...

- Trader Joe's coffee... or Trader Joe's anything for that matter - but especially the coffee. Currently, I'm loving their Breakfast Blend. Their Blends are decently priced and fabulous!

- Trips to Trader Joe's. I love it that Grocery Shopping has again become an adventure - browsing the aisles and finding some unique selections. Granted, it's not every week which makes it more special - Even better when you take a friend along!

- A good running route to prepare for the Shamrock.

- Don't hate me for this next one... my Melaleuca cleaning products.

- Monday nights with my husband.

- A free set of hi-lites from my Stylist on Saturday - did you hear me say FREE!

- Cereal...anytime.

- Moving furniture and rearraning the dishes in the cupboard

- Dinner with our friends, Wes and Katie (we had a great time Saturday night, guys!)

- Random emails from my sister, Debs, during the day while I'm at work.

- My husband John's laugh

In general, there are so many things in our every day life to enjoy - so blessed beyond thought.