Monday, January 21, 2008

Extra fun pictures from our holiday!

Wrapping up Christmas...

I posted pictures from our trip to WI. We tallied up that between our drive to WI and then to IA and then back to WI from IA and then back home to Va Beach we were in the car for 50 hours- five- oh!! Sooooo long. We had a lot of good bonding time. John had bought me a ipod nano for Christmas and we were so thankful for that since my cd player decided to be defunct and quit working. 3,300 miles later we were back at our doorstep unloading. We had a great trip and enjoyed our short time with a lot of old friends and family. It almost makes it harder to come back to things after you have spent time with them.
So, now on to the next national week from tomorrow. Can you guess what it is??