Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the Varners- Part 2

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmastime at the Varner home

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Time is Here...

How was your Thanksgiving? You can see the pics below for our Thanksgiving/Christmas with the Varners. We had such a wonderful and relaxing time with the family. Our little apartment was quite full as you can see, but we loved being able to host all of them - even more so considering this may have been our last year for awhile for us all to be together.
Christmas Time is indeed here...I think it's been here for a few weeks if you walk through the stores. Today I officially pulled out most of the decor for the season although I'll wait for John to put up our big (not being really that big) Christmas tree together. When I was getting ready for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago I was busy just like everyone else running through the Grocery Stores. I couldn't help but think about all these people hurrying through the stores in prep for a holiday celebrating thankfulness with their carts filled high and yet their faces devoid of any joy. A good reminder to myself that even if we celebrated a Christmas like my parents did for their first Christmas (no job for my mom who was expecting and my dad was going to school and working and money was tight so they made their Christmas ornaments out of cardboard and tinfoil which they shaped into little stars- I have one hanging on our little Christmas tree as a reminder of their first Christmas and the goodness of the Lord to them) if that was the case for us- what joy to celebrate the coming of a Savior. I heard recently of a school where the children would not be allowed to sing the verses to 'Joy to the World' in their Christmas Concert. All they could sing was 'Joy to the World' over and over again to the tune. My thought was, "Joy to the World the Lord has come...." if not for His coming, what would there be to be joyful about? New games and gear under a tree that will satisfy for a short month or two? I love this time of year and the decorations and ornaments and the warm colors and magnificent foods we enjoy during this Holiday. But it is all quite empty without the Joy of the Lord. I hope it reigns in your heart this Season.

Holiday with the Varners!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

How Sweet it is...

In a society where marriage is down played and bad mouthed a lot I would like to give testimony of a young, happily married woman. I would be lost without my husband, John. One of my greatest joys in life has become to be John's wife. I used to fear losing my own identity with being married and being so absorbed into my husband I would lose who I was. If anything, John has helped me define who I am and who I want to be. Seminary is hard for any couple- especially newlywed couples. Long weeks of work and different schedules can often make me feel like I am single again. John goes to school in the morning when I go to work and then we meet for a quick lunch and he starts his work day when I'm halfway through mine. He works a long day and we have some time together before he studies but never long enough. Our weekends are always great- Saturday night to Sunday night it's the two of us for the whole time! I hate to see those weekends end. It brings me again to a new, full week of what we have been doing for a little over a year now. And I have to remember- why. Why do we go through the separation and my husband spends long evenings studying and we invest our money into books and schooling...because the Lord has called us to the Gospel. No greater calling. This will resonate within me as long as I live and we serve Him.
Lately, I have been struggling consistently with some issues and my husband has been my encourager, the one to talk me straight to the point and turn me to the truth of the Scriptures, and the one to help me start over and get up and face it again. With him, it's easy to put so many fears aside. John is so many things I am not and I benefit greatly from his wisdom and consistency. I am so thankful to the Lord for giving him to me. I could not have chosen anything so good on my own. And after a year of marriage I love him more- I'm so comfortable with him, more trusting towards him, the best of friends with him, and so in love with him I can't help walking away from his desk after he tells me he loves me (with that impish grin, dimples, and his headset still on) with a big, toothy grin- all the way to my car. This is not merely a testament to my husband's good character and the love he shows me, but to the goodness of the Lord and what His love can bring to two mortals marriage. He binds us together to stand together during the difficult times and gives us joy to exhibit to our unsaved co-workers in the midst of overtime and long evenings apart. I have missed him much lately if you can't tell.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Holidays....

I know...I grew up not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving- it was wrong- well not really, but we were pretty serious about it. But I don't care- I'm listening to a Christmas cd tonight and getting out all my Christmas stuff to look at it...because this year with Thanksgiving we will be celebrating Christmas with the Varners since we will all be together. Since the holiday is at our house I have been doing planning with the menu and finding some deals on a table cloth and napkins and trying to decide on my centerpiece. Since we are celebrating Christmas too I have been on the hunt for a 3 foot tall Christmas tree for a few weeks. All the ones I found were about $30- $40.00! I knew I didn't want to spend that much on one and I had been to Garden Ridge and Michaels ane even with a coupon I didn't want to pay that much! I randomly checked Target and found a perfect one- only catch, it had no tags, so I kept checking thinking they had to put the tags on it soon. Well, today was my third time to check and all their trees were decorated- except one- you guessed it- the one I wanted. It was sitting by it's cold and lonesome self. So, I decided, "Forget this..." and began rummaging through the boxes and found my three-foot Fir tree for ....$9.99. I was soooooo happy. I picked that thing up and almost tripped up to the register with excitement (that and the fact I was wearing heels and Target really waxes their floors- yeesh!)
So, now I'm going to go rummage through all the clearance Christmas stuff we picked up last year on the day after Christmas sales and see what we have to decorate with for Thanksgiving.
I really feel so blessed to be the one to be able to host our family for Thanksgiving. I grew up in a home where half the fun was preparing the food and setting a table with beautiful flatware and glassware and freshly pressed napkins and a crisp tablecloth underneath it all. My sisters and I shared so many great memories with my mom during setting the table and preparing the food from menus we had all planned weeks in advance (while we cleaned out the relish tray and the special breads that Steph made- no wonder Dad was the only one to really eat when we all sat down!) All that to say to be able to carry on those same traditions in my own home means so much to me! So thanks to my sisters in law for letting me be so compulsive about the whole thing and nail you down to a menu item four weeks before the date. We are so excited to have you all come and celebrate with us- and we have so much to celebrate this year too!! Two Marriages, a new life, a highschool graduate turned College student and a loving family together once again! I'll miss my little Gordon Thanksgiving, but I have a feeling the love and spirit of gratefulness will still be present with my -sometimes still new- family.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

That's Life

I have been among the bloggers that have taken a 'hiatus' according to my cousin, Missy. Things have been pretty busy, but even more so I got tired of trying to blog without internet connection- which we have. And I know most of you are thinking, 'Big Deal'- precisely- when you've lived without it for over a year it is a big deal.
In August James and Laura got married, we had grandparents, parents and friends in town. The next weekend I went home...to where I used to live. It wasn't where I belonged anymore and it was the strangest thing. I have always belonged where my mom and dad are and now I belong where John is. It took me over a year to get there and some days I'm still getting there. I loved getting to spend time with Steph too- she spoiled me with an Alterra tea when she picked me up at the airport- it was such a cool, rainy day too- it was perfect. We went shoe shopping and hung out with Danielle and Lafe and out to Maggiano's with Mom and Dad - and even more special my Grandpa came up to see me too- I hadn't seen him since our wedding and he is doing so well health wise. It was such a special treat. When I came home John had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me- I am blessed to have such a loving family!
September was full of getting into the school year and visiting with Randy and Jenn in Richmond and getting ready for my parents to come for a visit. We had a wonderful time together and soooooo much fun. We went shopping and sightseeing and out to eat and sat around and talked and laughed- my folks are awesome to hang out with.
And now it's October. Work has been crazy since October came and a lot of evenings have been full also. Krista Joy (Dan and Karis' new baby) should be here any day and we are anxiously awaiting our chance to meet her.
So much for the updates, let me just take this opportunity to blog a little about nonsense... I have new pumpkin coffee that I am loving- makes my mornings so much more enjoyable. If you have a washer and dryer in your house be very thankful. We are having John's family here for Thanksgiving when we will also celebrate Christmas so I'm looking for a mini Christmas tree...It was a wonderful rainy day today...I'm learning to love my Pilates dvd again...Greased Lightning cleaner really is the thing to use on a scummy shower- wow!

August Updates

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jenn and Randy's visit

We had such a blast with Randy and Jennifer visiting this weekend. It was great to show them our home and where we attend church. Jenn and I went to Portsmouth for the Flea Market on Saturday morning and for some coffee and tea afterwards- I love those chats and just getting to catch up with each other!
We spent the afternoon at the beach. It was hot, but the waves weren't that great for boogey boarding. We hoped for better ones as the afternoon wore on so we stayed until close to 6:00pm. For dinner we had been going back and forth with what to do. John and I were trying to think of a place exclusive to Virginia Beach that we could take them. We didn't find a place exclusive to Va Beach but we did give them Beach experience by going to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner in our swimsuits straight from the beach- sand and all!!! Everyone slept well on Saturday night after such a busy day!
On Sunday we went to church and treated Randy and Jenn to our favorite Mexican spot. That afternoon Randy and John decided to return to the beach at Sandbridge to see if the waves were any better while Jenn and I took naps. I woke up about 3:40ish to thunder. I found Jenn in the living room reading the tornado warnings on TV- they advised us to get in the bathroom and cover up with blankets and pillows. Of course we are both wondering--- Where are our husbands?? We took our tea and the laptop and hung out in the bathroom just to be safe- oddly enough this is what Randy and John came home too- hahahaha!!! Thankfully, the tornado didn't end up coming near us like we thought.
We had a wonderful time with them, but we sure missed our nieces and nephew. We hope they can come visit sometime so we spoil them and take them to the beach. Round 2 of Family comes this weekend and then it's time to head home!

Blueberries, Books, Baseball, a Bloomin' Onion and the local BP!!

A couple of Saturdays ago I went and did a few things I had never done before...
The morning started with blueberry picking with some of the girls from church. It was early and the sun was hot! Needless to say, it's been two weeks since we went and the blueberries are already gone...soooo much fun.
That evening we joined up with Wes and Katie Kouba for a trip to Norfolk for another Tides game. Wes had a great idea to stop at Ollies on the way to check out their books. For those of you who haven't heard of Ollies (because I had not until we moved here) it's a huge discount store and they actually get in some really good books that John finds useful for studying. We left with a lot of great books. Which is so exciting when you consider how much books cost and how much we saved on some really good titles.
We had a great time at the Tides Game- once again with funnel cakes and ice cream. Wes and Kate generously let us get in on their free tickets that Katie won at work. We have so enjoyed getting to know them. They just recently moved in around the corner in their new house. Katie works with me and I love to have her there to shoot emails to during the day and go for coffee runs. How I'd miss her if she wasn't there!
After the game Wes and Katie took us to the loval Outback to have our first bloomin' onion. Fried onion with this amazing dressing...We thought we could down two of them, but I think we would have had a car full of sick people if we would have proceeded with that thought.
Now is where it gets interesting...on our way home (it was late) we pass someone pushing there car on the side of 264. Thinking it looks like an old lady we pull over and reverse down the shoulder (never done that before either). It wasn't an old lady- in fact it turned out be a girl who must have worked as a chauffer??? She was all too thankful to see John and Wes arrive to help her. She gave them $20 and we went and found the closest gas station, which turned out to be a BP (hence the aliteration. It all turned out to be well though- There was a Public Service vehicle gassing up her car when we arrived. I guess I could also have called this post 'Adventures with Wes and Katie'. Thanks guys, we had a great time!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Fun August Will Be!!

I have loved July...don't get me wrong...but I cannot wait for August. Seeing all of my family in one month!! Jen and Randy are coming to visit us the first weekend of August. They will be showing up on Friday night and leaving Monday morning so we should get the most out of the weekend. I'm already planning things. I'm so excited for them to see our home and church and where John is going to school. Randy and Jen were in Seminary after they got married- very similar to the experience John and I are having. It has been a blessing to have them gone before us- I have loved asking Jennifer questions and gleaning from her wisdom. This should also be a great time for Randy and John to get to know each other better. Too bad Courtney, Luke, and Chole will have to stay home with Grandma and Grandpa Hockema. We will miss having them visit.
The next weekend will be James and Laura's wedding and we'll have John's family here. We have gotten to see them quite a bit this summer with weddings and graduations which has been really nice.
The third weekend of the month will be time to fly home to HARTFORD!!! YEA! I am so excited if you can't tell. So much that I want to do while I'm at home. I'll get to see Steph and Debs and Olivia and my parents- my friends, how I have missed them! I can't wait for that cup of coffee on the patio with my family - that was one of my favorite things to do at home. Virginia is home because it's where my husband is- but I can't wait to go back to my parent's home. It will be a really special time... only drawback is John is staying home...talk about not having your cake and eating it too...I'll miss him!!

"New Finds"

So, a new coffee shop called Bean There Cafe went in across the street from work. It has been so much fun to have a little home grown coffee shop so close. I have become a little more and more weary of the Starbucks bitter coffee and the hiking up of the prices...again...did you hear about the $.09 increase July 31?? Don't get me wrong- I'll still make my contributions and enjoy an afternoon there with a friend every now and then but yea for some diversity- not to mention competition in the neighborhood.
Anyhow- I have missed my home coffee shop Perc Place in Hartford and it has been a refreshing taste to have a new coffee shop so close. I haven't gotten to take John yet, but my friend Katie and I have enjoyed a couple of hours of fellowship in their cozy atmosphere. So, here's to the small buiness- I hope they do well and make it!! If you come visit- I'll take you for a cup- this is paticularly directed towards my sisters- they have good tea too, Jenn!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We have really been enjoying getting to know some people better. A couple of weekends ago we went to our first Tides Game with TJ and Shannon Logsdon and had a great time. John and TJ kept on talking about the Funnel Cakes- I'm still not sure what all the excitement was about- but they waited until the bottom of the 3rd Inning and then went and found the Funnel Cake stand to fulfill their craving. Shannon and I were not as enchanted with the cakes as the guys were (which is unusual for me not to be enchanted with cake). And to make the night even better the Tides even won!!
I don't have pictures of our 4th of July festivities other than our morning of. John and I had been wanting to get Monopoly for a while so I suprised him with chocolate chip pancakes and Monopoly for our 4th of July morning breakfast. It was so nice to have the morning together. We just hung out at home until about 4:30ish when we drove to Portsmouth to meet up with some couples from our Sunday School Class to enjoy a picnic. Some of us migrated to fireworks in Portsmouth afterwards. Fireworks traffic is pretty intense so we decided to put all the guys in one car and all the girls in another so we could drive 2 cars (since there was 5 couples it worked out great). We got down there and found parking spots fairly quick, but unfortunately for me (I was driving the girls car) while I was getting lined up to execute a stellar parallel park job someone cut me off and took my spot!!!! Well, I took the advice that my brother in law Dan gave me when John and I first moved to Virginia Beach and used my horn- a few times- just to let them know I was there... just in case they hadn't figured it out....Either way we found another parking spot. It was a good night and we enjoyed our time getting to know some of the couples from church.
On Friday night Amanda and Kristen and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to the beach. It was a hot day and a picnic and some water was the perfect cure. We had a great time floating around on the boogie (sp??) boards in the water. Kristen and I caught some waves and hats off to Amanda for her endeavor with her 7 months pregnant belly- I'm sure Baby Gretta loved it! I have loved getting to know Kristen and Amanda better. I really feel so blessed to have found some friends who I can form a bond with and share Christian struggles and life experiences- that night was such an encouragement to me!!
Anyhow- more pics to come and more to blog-- this was the preliminary. I must admit though I like it better when I can blog on a whim and not give a narrative of what's going on lately- but it's for the moms-- Love you!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello, Old Friend

The cold I had picked up at Tim and Kristen's wedding has all but left except for some coughing and congestion that Sudafed keeps under control. But one thing that cold has affected is the taste of coffee- that treacherous cold. (pls note the tone of disdain)
So, tonight I took another effort at it. Pulled out my best Gevalia- used extra rounded scoops and valiantly pushed the "ON" button on the coffee pot. I poured my cup- took a sniff- and (inhale) Hello, Old Friend- the cold is letting go.
I'm making out like a bandit with Tim and Kristen moving out of their old places into their new apartment. So far I've gotten a smashing silverware tray, some old silverware to use for work, a new food chopper (electric!!), a lazy susan tray, three Chicago Cutlery knives (just call me Rachael Ray), a really neat chair to go with my desk, and since they don't have wireless we've inherited Kristen's computer for a little bit- (can you tell with all the extra blogging?)
It's been like a free rummage sale...which is so much better than a regular rummage sale.

Monday, June 25, 2007


What would be your theme song?

Last night in church I really enjoyed our song service. I always enjoy learning new songs that have such strong words- Complete in Thee, Be Unto Your Name, O Great God...

And so I started thinking about it- what would be my life theme song? I think it changes. When we moved to Virginia it was Mark Schultz's He Will Carry Me. When I was a Junior in college I loved the song I Touched the Heart of God. Being a Senior in college and facing an uncertain future I clung to Be Still My Soul and really identified with A Place in This World -as I'm sure many seniors do. After one year into school and marriage with John and being away from the familiar home and family the song that comes to mind the most is Complete in Thee and Follow Love. It's funny how different songs take you through different phases of life.

So, I pose the question to you- what would be your 'life song'?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Wedding Weekend

Just a quick post- will write more later about the wonderful weekend and the beautiful wedding. We came, we saw, they got married-- yea!!! Great trip and great time with family and it was so exciting to see Tim and Kristen finally joined together!

Looks Like We've Made It!

Just to catch you up on some of the things going on in the Varner home...
John and I have taken up tennis and are really enjoying it. It's nice to get out and get some exercise without realizing that you are getting good execise! John is a good teacher. I love having a husband who can pick up a sport and do fairly well after he tells me he's not very good (I used to believe this- after bowling with him the other night and he scored over 130 I don't believe him anymore!)

We also enjoyed our Labor Day weekend with Tim and Kristen at the mall helping them pick out their comforter and playing arcade basketball- a new experience for me!

Our first anniversary was last week. We really enjoyed our evening together. I made a duplicate of our wedding cake top and we celebrated with sparkling cider and strawberries and cake. John suprised me with a big bouquet of flowers that were from our wedding (lilies, peach and ivory roses, and hydranga (sp?)). Such a suprise and it was so beautiful it really made me cry. After all my tears about not getting flowers at work my husband spoiled me with a bouquet better than I could have imagined!! And he had flowers in the refrigerator at the seminary the whole time-- spoiled? Quite possibly.

The next morning we took off and went to Williamsburg and got our year passes. We enjoyed a few sites before the heat pushed us over to the outlet mall to enjoy an afternoon of shopping. We ended up at home later on after some good Mexican food and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a movie. These anniversaries are just like birthdays- count us in for many more!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

We've Only Just Begun...

Pictures are coming...John and I have embarked on some more firsts for us over the past few weeks. Tennis, our first Memorial Day, our first year Anniversary- that has to be the biggest first!!

Lately I had been thinking a lot about what life was like a year ago- thinking back through our wedding week and the end of things last year. The last day of my job, packing boxes, wrapping presents for thank you's, picking my fiance' up from the airport, the last night in my childhood room, the last morning at home- that's never home like it was when your name was Gordon. Now it's Mom and Dad's house- somewhere I hope to go back and visit. Even though Virginia doesn't feel completely like home, I can never go Wisconsin home again- once choosing to enter into that new covenant with the man I love - so much has to change. And think of the marvelous things that have brought about change...I see John everyday- he has become more of my best friend than he was when we were dating and he has become such a solid support for myself.
I have learned that a new environment will show you what you are made of. Characteristics I did not realize possessed- a sobering realization when they are not all Christ-like...You disconver the good and bad- the fact that you are stronger and weaker than you thought, more persistent yet easily wearied, convinced of God's working- but often questioning His plans and purpose for you when He feels far away. And I think , "When will it be normal and Virginia will be home?" Maybe that is not in my good and righteous God's plan- I can only look at this as His way of pursuing me through more than I can comprehend.
I used to listen to 'Home' and think of John and place him as my home- and he is my home- if nothing else seems 'normal' there is the constancy of my husband and the relationship that we share...and even with all of that it's not enough without the pursuit of Christ between both of us- really, with Christ we should be content wherever we are with the knowledge of His love and the opportunity to glorify Him- in the end this world is not where we belong anyways- we have a heavenly country and a heavenly Bridegroom. Even so come, Lord Jesus...

Friday, May 25, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Home from Kansas! And what a whirlwind trip!! (I should warn you, this is going to be like three blogs in one).We had a great time celebrating Karen's Graduation from High School and we are so proud of her! After a long plane ride (that left us all a little sleepy from getting up around 3:30 am) we met up with the family complete with Grandmas and Grandpas and had lunch. I wimped out and took a nap before the evening got started. And let me tell you, Varners can last for a loooooong day!
Karen's Graduatoin was very nice, a little lengthy (my husband and his brother got a little squirrely during the Benediction- myself possibly included, but we'll blame it on lack of sleep and a long Commencement) and once we got home Uncle Robert and Aunt Nancy came over and chatted up a party until around midnight...needless to say, I faded before the party was supposed to be over.
The next day was a laid back day around the house- some games, a little shopping, dinner at McDonalds, and a LOT of socializing! We even got out in the church yard and played softball. I was never much of a softball player, but my new family introduced me right to it. Turns out I actually can connect with the ball! Surprise for all of us- especially me!
Another big monument in John and I's life...we decided to take the plunge and buy in bulk (Sam's Club)! You should have seen us- strolling our cart up and down the aisles with wide eyes laughing at the huge packages of gallon plastic bags- which we purchased while John was saying, "When are we ever going to use 252 gallon sized plastic bags?" I told him, "Babe, to shop here- you can' t think that way because it will kind of defeat the purpose." (That's right - I'm telling him that- the man who relishes buying bulked items.)
Sadly enough, coming home brought about the stomach flu and a very sick me for the next few days- work is overflowing at my Place of Employment- definite job security going on. What a bout! I would not wish that on anyone, but so glad I have a wonderful husband to love me in sickness and in health.

I like the Outdoors...just not our Outdoors...

After a long day indoors what could be more refreshing than getting Outdoors!! Thus was my plan for the evening. I would put my lawn chair and tray table on the little slab outside our back patio and enjoy my bowl of cereal along with my Real Simple magazine for dinner. I envisioned a slight breeze with a little Josh Groban musing in the background...unforunately...
I poured the milk on my cereal before I had continued with the rest of this thought. So I scrambled to get my chair and my tray set up outside. After getting my phone, magazine, cereal, and water on the tray I realized I had to close the back door (because it was hotter outside than I realized) which shut out my musical guest Josh Groban. Okay- better to enjoy the birds, right? Once I get settled into my chair and get my bowl of cereal my attitude again becomes optimistic- first bite of my cereal my optimism took a nose dive- mushy cereal- mmmmmm. And with that I couldn't even balance the magazine on my lap while eating (maybe I'm innate) because I had to swap the bugs that began to descend upon me. Arms flailing (just a little bit)and squirrels bouncing around the branches over my head, I then notice the questionable activity of the neighbors across the street (which if you know our neighborhood- you understand) so that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. And then my luck, the neighbor who lives upstairs decides to open the window while she's cooking dinner- and since the stomach flu has left me still a little queasy I wasn't too crazy about the scent. I finished my cereal and got through the section on the summer purses and decided- I like the Outdoors...just not our Outdoors. So, I lugged everything back inside and finished the supper hour with Judge Judy.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

3:15 AM...not a very happy thought....

Here it is ten minutes to 11:00 pm. I'm sitting on the couch bemoaning the time of the morning our plane departs for Kansas. 6:00 am is too early for flights....especially in our post- 9/11 world. But what a wonderful thought to see family, Karen's graduation, and time away from work! The thing I am really looking forward to is a Starbucks during our layover before flying into Kansas and traveling with my best friend and boyfriend, John.
I reached a goal last night. I found a new hairdresser. Small, I know. But it is part of my phasing in plan of moving here. It was December when I realized I had not officially moved to Virginia Beach. I didn't have a Dentist, Doctor, Beautician, place to buy products, Mary Kay lady, etc. I have just about marked them all of the list- almost officially moved in - a year later. Talk about a slow adjuster.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yea for Pictures! (for the things I've been telling my mom about!!!)

John and I in downtown CanCun, Mexico in March

Kayla in her new swimsuit and Easter Bunny ears that
were in her Easter Basket from John and I.

Flowers that John had sent me for Easter

Our new chair for our bedroom that was given to us
and the lamp next to it is one of the antique lamps I found
for a steal at a Garage Sale.

The inside of my new writer's desk I found a the Flea Market

A full shot of the desk- I am still looking to replace
three of the drawer pulls

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Call me ideal but...

Really...the little things make me happy.
I suppose it's time to explain my blog title- although, I have to admit I think it's pretty self explanatory.
I am finding more and more that little things going right just make the day. I don't ask for much- really. So, when I can hit all the green lights on my way to work or happen to run into a friend at the grocery store the day seems to take on a new perspective. I love to get a package at the door or a new Real Simple magazine in the mail. Cards made by my nieces and nephew and letters from my parents with the previous Sunday bulletin from home inside- these little things make me happy.
My husband knows that the little things matter to me. When I come home from work and the bed is made and the dishes are done and the ironing board is put away (I kind of leave the house in a hurry in the AM while John is still sleeping but anyhow,) when he has taken the effort to fold the quilt and put it back on the back of the couch where it belongs- I'm ELATED!! Not that he's messy- it's just that I value the little things.
Today I came home from work to find the house picked up and a note telling me he loved me along with the new Michael Buble' cd for our 11 month anniversary. That just made the end of a very long, very drudgerous day take on a whole new light. I guess that's one of the reasons I love John so much- He's so great at the little things.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Talking to myself and feelin' old...
Sadness. Our laptop is out of commission...again. It seems our cord is not working so I'm reduced to going to the library to write. Quite appropo actually.
Another rainy day here in Virginia. But, with rainy days come warm Starbucks (and cold coffees I accidentally dumped all over the sidewalk in front of my office), an excuse to veg on the couch during the evening and an empty grocery store for free roaming of the aisles. But it also includes flat hair, watching too much tv, and buying entirely way too many groceries. How was your evening?
Also, we are really out in the open- no more viewing by invitation only!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I'm on the Bandwagon

Hi Mom and Dad- this is so for you (and Debs). After a very full week of softball, new job, flea markets (and a new antique desk with a $.08 stamp with Eisenhower's face on it- that has to be worth something, right?), Ladies Spring Tea, and lamps from a rummage sale that I couldn't describe to mom over the phone I decided it was time for a blog- not for me, but for each of you! Not that I'm so great, but I'm Mom and Dad's favorite.

My first post

Hi, my name is Bethany (Hi, Bethany!!)
I've been a closet blogger. I blog in my head, but never comment on the blogs I read. I now realize it is time to come out in the open blog world and stop resisting the urge to journal openly and uninhibited. That's why you only get a select invitation to my blog...for now.