Thursday, October 25, 2007

That's Life

I have been among the bloggers that have taken a 'hiatus' according to my cousin, Missy. Things have been pretty busy, but even more so I got tired of trying to blog without internet connection- which we have. And I know most of you are thinking, 'Big Deal'- precisely- when you've lived without it for over a year it is a big deal.
In August James and Laura got married, we had grandparents, parents and friends in town. The next weekend I went where I used to live. It wasn't where I belonged anymore and it was the strangest thing. I have always belonged where my mom and dad are and now I belong where John is. It took me over a year to get there and some days I'm still getting there. I loved getting to spend time with Steph too- she spoiled me with an Alterra tea when she picked me up at the airport- it was such a cool, rainy day too- it was perfect. We went shoe shopping and hung out with Danielle and Lafe and out to Maggiano's with Mom and Dad - and even more special my Grandpa came up to see me too- I hadn't seen him since our wedding and he is doing so well health wise. It was such a special treat. When I came home John had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me- I am blessed to have such a loving family!
September was full of getting into the school year and visiting with Randy and Jenn in Richmond and getting ready for my parents to come for a visit. We had a wonderful time together and soooooo much fun. We went shopping and sightseeing and out to eat and sat around and talked and laughed- my folks are awesome to hang out with.
And now it's October. Work has been crazy since October came and a lot of evenings have been full also. Krista Joy (Dan and Karis' new baby) should be here any day and we are anxiously awaiting our chance to meet her.
So much for the updates, let me just take this opportunity to blog a little about nonsense... I have new pumpkin coffee that I am loving- makes my mornings so much more enjoyable. If you have a washer and dryer in your house be very thankful. We are having John's family here for Thanksgiving when we will also celebrate Christmas so I'm looking for a mini Christmas tree...It was a wonderful rainy day today...I'm learning to love my Pilates dvd again...Greased Lightning cleaner really is the thing to use on a scummy shower- wow!

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