Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My sister Steph lives in the cutest little vintage apartment. I visited her last month and just loved the pieces she had chosen to decorate with. Her motto - only decorate with the things you really love. Her little place is so reflective of her personality and taste. She's inspired me to think differently about the things I bring into our home.

So, this past weekend when we visited Kansas (more pictures to come on that) my sister-in-laws and I hit up the local thrift store and I was so pleased with the unique vase I found. So pleased, that I flew with it on my lap home to Virginia from Kansas - and it made it with no incidents! A few things I love about it - there's no seams in the texture, the bottom is imprinted (I'll have to do some research on that), and it has weight to it with a great shape and a fabulous price! Great finish to a memorable weekend with the family! (free flowers from the tree in the backyard topped off my deal!)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally, a rainy Sunday night...

So, here we are with a Sunday night without something to do... finally a moment to sit down and post some pictures on the blog from Israel. I was just thinking about it yesterday. I find myself actually missing Israel and our trip we took. It was just that great. I told John last night that when we talk about Christ or the difference Jesus makes in our lives my heart emotionally warms to the thought of my Saviour (yes, I know that's the old English way to spell Saviour - but I love to spell it that way because of the 'our' at the end, He's our Saviour). I just sat down and looked through some of these and I thought it would be an appropro time to finally post some, considering we're finally settled at home and getting back into routine. These may be random, but they are some of my favorites - Enjoy!

John at the top of Bet She'an (sp?). It was a long hike!

Roadside stand in the Golan Heights - the man sold his own spices and dried fruit

Tour bus

Mosaic of shells on the Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee (my favorite)

The Synagogue in Nazerath

One of the nice crew from the boat we sailed on the Sea of Galilee

Mt. Carmel

An aqueduct along the Medditeranean Sea by Cesarea

Herod's Palace along the Medditeranean

Medditeranean Sea

Our flight on the way over (the pictures are a little out of order)

My new friend, Carolyn Hannah


Pincas (Phineas), our wonderful bus driver

John with our tour guide, Yuval

Bob and Louise :)

Dome of the Rock - we weren't allowed to touch or show any affection while we were visiting this holy site...

Loved this...

Farewell Dinner