Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am amazed. I am amazed at God's hand in our lives and his direction. John and I just returned from our trip this morning and while I am brimming over with thoughts and stories, at the same time I find it hard to put the experience into words. So, it will have to wait. But not to fear, I do have another thing to share.

The Sunday night before we departed (we were departing Tuesday afternoon) I went for a walk with my friend who lives around the corner. John and I had been talking about looking for a home to purchase when we returned, but we held the idea pretty loosely considering everything we had looked at thus far was quite out of our price range. Sunday evening I walked past a little brick town home with a For Sale sign out front. I immediately loved the little rose bush that loomed out front and made a mental note to look it up online when I got home.

That evening at home I pulled up the realtor's site and was surprised to find this 'ready to move in' home right in our price range. John called a realtor and by Tuesday afernoon we had made an offer on the home, had it accepted, had an inspection, and signed loan papers and set up our closing date!!! This really is more than we could 'ask or think' from our Heavenly Father. The location and set up of the house is just what we were looking for. I feel so blessed. A trip to open our hearts to the Lord's goodness and blessing upon blessing. Every time I recount the story I am struck how His timing works.

I will say one thing about our trip - that after two weeks of walking where Jesus walked, following the Via Dolorosa, exploring the corridors of Jerusalem and standing where he was mocked and broken for me - I'm praying I never lose the wonder of it all.


Unknown said...

Welcome home, John and Bethany -- to your new home!!! We can't wait to hear about your trip, and we enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures that were online. We'd get really excited when we saw one or the other or both of you in the pictures! We praise the Lord for answering our prayer to keep you safe and to give you a wonderful time there.
Mom V.

Becky Gravley said...

not sure if you remember me, bethany? we're dan and karis' good friends. anyway, i loved reading about your recent blessing of a new house. it is so amazing to us how the Lord continues to bless us over and over too. i'm a little jealous of your trip to israel! =) i've always thought that would be awesome. enjoy setting up your new place!

Karis said...

I too was following your trip through the blog which was a great idea. I loved reading your and John's (and the others' too but yours were my favorite) posts and seeing pictures of you two there! (I clicked on the comment "thing" once but it needed me to sign in and I didn't take time to go through that process as I was a little lazy and also guessing you'd put something on here at some point and I could comment then. :-)

Anyway, I so understand about the finding it difficult to put it into adequate words -- been there so many times here!

So excited about the house! Wow! Okay, I admit it, this is the Varner in me, but I think it is great that you were content to live where you were despite it not being your heart's desire (and you made it so wonderful inside despite what you got to walk through to get inside :-). And then God gave you your heart's desire in this area. So happy for you guys.

Unknown said...

Dad Varner comments

I have been very slow to respond to blogs for several weeks. I am taking out my short, trusty pencil to get back on the responding side of my three blogging children. Memorial day had been very tiring so far. Tim and Kristen came over with Megan to help get the pool liner tucked back in. They were such helpers as I got blisters on my thumbs from pushing up and guiding liner this morning. Kristen laughed when I got in more cold water than I had planned when my feet slipped out and took a cold plunge. I wish Kayla was here, because the water was so cold and she had me go swimming last summer on some cold days. The hair dryer did help expand the vinyl and Tim and Kristen really became quite skilled. I ended up with a bruised looking toe that was bitten or something laying on the concrete and working from above in the deeper end. Kristen remembers Roger Burnham jumping in the cold water and helping John (We think) some years ago. Tinm and I grilled some chicken and pork after cooking 40 hamburgers and 32 hot dogs to start with for the Schlesinger children. Tim commented about all the smoke going the wrong direction from the charcoal grill. Grandpa and Grandma Riffel joined us for the noon meal (lunch or dinner, take your choice)just past 1:00 PM. The garbage was taken out and the buggies put back in place. I have done almost nothing and am exhausted like working a long day. I am having a 24 ounce Mountain Dew to help me do four blog responses since the first one to John and Bethany automatically deleted due to operator error. Second time here and Kristen is going to see that all is good. (I think she wants to see what i write so she can laugh at her dad.
Rest yup form the Israel trip and hopefully the school mentality t=returns for John. Trust all goes well on the house situation. Bye for now.


Dad Varner

cranny + b said...


I'm so glad you had such a great trip and that you have a new place!!! You are going to love it!


(sorry - I'm using Sarah's computer right now)

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

Bethany, thanks for the post! Very excited about your house as well as the awesome trip you just had. Can't wait to hear updates on your trip and see pictures! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of months!! We miss you.