Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello, Old Friend

The cold I had picked up at Tim and Kristen's wedding has all but left except for some coughing and congestion that Sudafed keeps under control. But one thing that cold has affected is the taste of coffee- that treacherous cold. (pls note the tone of disdain)
So, tonight I took another effort at it. Pulled out my best Gevalia- used extra rounded scoops and valiantly pushed the "ON" button on the coffee pot. I poured my cup- took a sniff- and (inhale) Hello, Old Friend- the cold is letting go.
I'm making out like a bandit with Tim and Kristen moving out of their old places into their new apartment. So far I've gotten a smashing silverware tray, some old silverware to use for work, a new food chopper (electric!!), a lazy susan tray, three Chicago Cutlery knives (just call me Rachael Ray), a really neat chair to go with my desk, and since they don't have wireless we've inherited Kristen's computer for a little bit- (can you tell with all the extra blogging?)
It's been like a free rummage sale...which is so much better than a regular rummage sale.


Unknown said...

Bethany, I'm so glad your cold is better and you can both smell and taste the coffee again! What a blessing! What fun to gain some of the cast-off's of the Armstrong's! I'm especially thrilled for you to have a computer to blog because the blogging has been next to none for quite some time from the Seely's and Armstrong's. I don't think Dan and Karis have internet access, and I know Tim and Kristen are getting settled into their new home, so it's all good. Anyway, Bethany, keep those blogs coming -- we love them!
Mom Varner