Monday, June 25, 2007


What would be your theme song?

Last night in church I really enjoyed our song service. I always enjoy learning new songs that have such strong words- Complete in Thee, Be Unto Your Name, O Great God...

And so I started thinking about it- what would be my life theme song? I think it changes. When we moved to Virginia it was Mark Schultz's He Will Carry Me. When I was a Junior in college I loved the song I Touched the Heart of God. Being a Senior in college and facing an uncertain future I clung to Be Still My Soul and really identified with A Place in This World -as I'm sure many seniors do. After one year into school and marriage with John and being away from the familiar home and family the song that comes to mind the most is Complete in Thee and Follow Love. It's funny how different songs take you through different phases of life.

So, I pose the question to you- what would be your 'life song'?


Unknown said...

One of my favorite songs is "Does that make me crazy" it always gets me in a good mood and is super catchy! Plus Gnarls Barkeley sings it and I am extremely fascinated by his name alone! I love ya Bethany and can't wait to see you guys again at James's wedding!
Love Karen
P.S. i was not sure how to change my name from posting as Robert, but I am not a man.