Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you get your sticker today?

At 5:30 AM this morning (after doing laudry until midnight the night before) John and I donned our sweatshirts, warm-up pants, tennis shoes and umbrellas to stand in line with over 200 other people to get a sticker...and we did...after a two hour wait in the pouring rain...and it was cold! (and one of my first thoughts at 5:30 in the morning as I was struggling to sleepily pull on my shoes was, 'At least this is blog-worthy':)) I was so tired and cold, but I was also excited to experience this part of my American history on Election Day. I was pleased to see so many of my fellow Americans taking advantage of our privilege to cast our vote in the election. And the demographic of those voting was so broad - different ages (we saw a mom with three children under the age of 4 standing in line and behind her was an elderly man), different ethnicity and I'm sure if we would have discussed it - many different political views. After months of disagreement and debates leading up to Election Day, I thought it was oddly pleasant that I felt a comradery with the other folks I stood in line with this morning. And I was also reminded that God has already chosen and He has not left His throne nor has He been caught off guard by the outcome of today's election.
My office suite mate and I decided today should be a holiday. What with the kids out of school and all the free food and the freedom to vote? Sounds like a holiday to me!


cranny + b said...

oh dear Bethany. I slept in and didn't wait in line. I'm sure you hate me! But we both voted and that's what matters!

Bethany said...

lol - no hard feelings, Sarah - I have loved hearing about each experience - hope you enjoyed your chai - we need to go for one together!

Karis said...

I didn't get a sticker, but we sure got in on the Election excitement African style. What a day this day after has been... :-)

Oh and Kenya declared tomorrow as a national holiday so sounds like you were along the right lines with the whole holiday idea.

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

You and John were troopers to wait that long in line...Tim and I voted in Rose Hill...a little less busy than VA Beach...we maybe waiting inside a church gym for 10-15 minutes. Hope to talk to you soon!! WE miss you guys.

Unknown said...

I walked right in to vote in Rose Hill at 2:00 PM and voted and was out in five minutes. The best part of voting for me was to watch Megan while Tim and Kristen took Karen to vote early in the morning. Megan was laying on the floor on a blanket watching me and then I laid down on the floor watching her when they all came back. She was all smiles and had no stress on election day about waiting or the outcome of any races. Thanks for being so diligent to wait to fulfill your duty as an American citizen in adverse conditions to vote. I did enjoy your blog about voting. I hope to get another Starbucks gift card to recycle to you Bethany soon. Marilyn was able to get right in to vote after school about 3:30 PM.
Dad Varner