Monday, April 6, 2009

A Day in Old Towne

I participated in my first 'yard sale' this past Saturday. What a great time with friends to spend the morning out in Old Towne with a cup of coffee and 70 degree weather! This whole idea started about 4 months ago. I am naturally a 'clutter free' person (I hate clutter). My husband accuses me of getting rid of perfectly good stuff just because I like space. Whether there's truth to that or not is not for me to say - but I will say, it felt great to unload a whole bunch of stuff in one day. It changed the way I arranged our house - I kid you not!

I know that yard sales are about making money and getting rid of your old stuff, but I really think I was the one to aquire the deals. I had extra time to spend with some friends from church as well as make some new friends and just mingle with my fellow mortals in the sun and the bliss of a Saturday morning. It was great - did I mention I enjoyed a large cup of coffee from the local coffee shop also - would have driven there just for that. Thanks to my sweet friend, Kerry, for the invite to join her neighbors in the sale!


cranny + b said...

that was such a fun morning/afternoon! I'm glad you were there!

Karis said...

Ooh... "yard" saling and de-cluttering at the same time -- how fun!

jess said...

so fun!! sorry to have missed it!!