Friday, May 25, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Home from Kansas! And what a whirlwind trip!! (I should warn you, this is going to be like three blogs in one).We had a great time celebrating Karen's Graduation from High School and we are so proud of her! After a long plane ride (that left us all a little sleepy from getting up around 3:30 am) we met up with the family complete with Grandmas and Grandpas and had lunch. I wimped out and took a nap before the evening got started. And let me tell you, Varners can last for a loooooong day!
Karen's Graduatoin was very nice, a little lengthy (my husband and his brother got a little squirrely during the Benediction- myself possibly included, but we'll blame it on lack of sleep and a long Commencement) and once we got home Uncle Robert and Aunt Nancy came over and chatted up a party until around midnight...needless to say, I faded before the party was supposed to be over.
The next day was a laid back day around the house- some games, a little shopping, dinner at McDonalds, and a LOT of socializing! We even got out in the church yard and played softball. I was never much of a softball player, but my new family introduced me right to it. Turns out I actually can connect with the ball! Surprise for all of us- especially me!
Another big monument in John and I's life...we decided to take the plunge and buy in bulk (Sam's Club)! You should have seen us- strolling our cart up and down the aisles with wide eyes laughing at the huge packages of gallon plastic bags- which we purchased while John was saying, "When are we ever going to use 252 gallon sized plastic bags?" I told him, "Babe, to shop here- you can' t think that way because it will kind of defeat the purpose." (That's right - I'm telling him that- the man who relishes buying bulked items.)
Sadly enough, coming home brought about the stomach flu and a very sick me for the next few days- work is overflowing at my Place of Employment- definite job security going on. What a bout! I would not wish that on anyone, but so glad I have a wonderful husband to love me in sickness and in health.


Unknown said...

We're so glad you and John could come for graduation. It was so much fun to have the "fam" here, except for Dan and soon to be family, Laura and Tim. You were an awesome baseball batter! I'm so glad you are feeling better after the flu -- I know John is certainly relieved to have you feeling better! He was very concerned. We love you.
Mom Varner

Karis said...

Ahhh the memories. I remember we were so tired on the way home from graduation that we couldn't stop laughing at every little thing. Especially about the pictures John and James got and James going on about the gifts the principal got.

Glad you're feeling better, trooper Bethany! :-)

jataylor2005 said...

Hey Bethany,
How in the world are you> I hope that you are well. It was great to read your blog--which I have tried to get onto but it would not let me, so we will see how this goes.
So glad that married life is going so well. My husband, Jon is great too:) He is working right now, so it is just me and our new puppy, Jingle!!!
have a great night, Autumn