Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yea for Pictures! (for the things I've been telling my mom about!!!)

John and I in downtown CanCun, Mexico in March

Kayla in her new swimsuit and Easter Bunny ears that
were in her Easter Basket from John and I.

Flowers that John had sent me for Easter

Our new chair for our bedroom that was given to us
and the lamp next to it is one of the antique lamps I found
for a steal at a Garage Sale.

The inside of my new writer's desk I found a the Flea Market

A full shot of the desk- I am still looking to replace
three of the drawer pulls


Karis said...

I agree -- yea for pictures that can send a little more than just a conversation across the miles to our families.

Debs said...

Very cool Beth! Thanks for the pics!