Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Call me ideal but...

Really...the little things make me happy.
I suppose it's time to explain my blog title- although, I have to admit I think it's pretty self explanatory.
I am finding more and more that little things going right just make the day. I don't ask for much- really. So, when I can hit all the green lights on my way to work or happen to run into a friend at the grocery store the day seems to take on a new perspective. I love to get a package at the door or a new Real Simple magazine in the mail. Cards made by my nieces and nephew and letters from my parents with the previous Sunday bulletin from home inside- these little things make me happy.
My husband knows that the little things matter to me. When I come home from work and the bed is made and the dishes are done and the ironing board is put away (I kind of leave the house in a hurry in the AM while John is still sleeping but anyhow,) when he has taken the effort to fold the quilt and put it back on the back of the couch where it belongs- I'm ELATED!! Not that he's messy- it's just that I value the little things.
Today I came home from work to find the house picked up and a note telling me he loved me along with the new Michael Buble' cd for our 11 month anniversary. That just made the end of a very long, very drudgerous day take on a whole new light. I guess that's one of the reasons I love John so much- He's so great at the little things.


Karis said...

Here's something little to make you happy -- a comment on your blog.

Love you, Beth.

Unknown said...

One thing that made me happy today was your blog! But that wasn't really little to me -- that was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Mom Varner