Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Just a few things I've been thinking of lately that I really love and am so glad I have been introduced to... (it's the little things!)

- My Cuisinart Coffeemaker and Krups grinder - makes the BEST coffee ever. Especially when coupled with my next favorite thing...

- Trader Joe's coffee... or Trader Joe's anything for that matter - but especially the coffee. Currently, I'm loving their Breakfast Blend. Their Blends are decently priced and fabulous!

- Trips to Trader Joe's. I love it that Grocery Shopping has again become an adventure - browsing the aisles and finding some unique selections. Granted, it's not every week which makes it more special - Even better when you take a friend along!

- A good running route to prepare for the Shamrock.

- Don't hate me for this next one... my Melaleuca cleaning products.

- Monday nights with my husband.

- A free set of hi-lites from my Stylist on Saturday - did you hear me say FREE!

- Cereal...anytime.

- Moving furniture and rearraning the dishes in the cupboard

- Dinner with our friends, Wes and Katie (we had a great time Saturday night, guys!)

- Random emails from my sister, Debs, during the day while I'm at work.

- My husband John's laugh

In general, there are so many things in our every day life to enjoy - so blessed beyond thought.


Laura D said...

Can you believe I have never been to Trader Joe's? Where is it even? So glad to hear you guys are coming over on Sunday! Did you get my message! Thanks for helping me to focus on the little things that make every day happy!

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

Such a fun post!! I loved the picture of you and John as well! Very cute! Now I have the Sound of Music Song in my head that goes with your title of your blog!! N-way, enjoyed your post!

Karis said...

A little thing that made me happy today: your post! I love hearing what's going on in your life. These details are so "you." I loved reading them! Made me miss you a lot.

Unknown said...

A little thing that makes me happy is when Robert calls me shortly after I get off work every day to see how my day went -- if he's not seeing a client at Block! Anyway, his call makes me feel special.

I too loved the picture of you and John! I miss you much.
Mom Varner

Unknown said...

Dad Varner

Just a LITTLE e-mail from Dad Varner as I had been waiting for your next blog. Hopefully all preparation is going well for the upcoming run. You may have to take mom to Trader's Joe's when she is in Virginia as she always likes bargains. She had a great trip with Kristen to find some
pampers for Megan that was a great bargain. Have a wonderful week and hopefully a great little trip to begin Sprng Break next weekend. This must end oe it becomes more than a little response.


Dad Varner