Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My husband and ...

The way I love to start out this story... Guess who John and I had breakfast with on Monday while in Alexandria? Well, technically he was eating two booths over. John and I had gone to DC for the weekend (a cloudy, rainy weekend - but still it was great to be in the city and together) and we decided to leave on Monday morning after having breakfast at an 'out of the way' corner diner. We walk in and take a seat. Our waitress greets us - rather distractedly - and tells us that Val Kilmer is sitting in the booth behind us. Which at first I didn't believe because there was an African American man sitting behind us and I knew that Val Kilmer was White... So... finally I see him - or rather hear his deep voice and I know it's him - two booths away. It was quiet enough that I think he enjoyed his breakfast, but there was enough commotion for the waitress and the owner to get their pictures with him, a local to have a full conversation with him (and get a phone number), for my eggs to be delivered to another table (and I got to watch them get eaten), and the customer service to be less than great. I think our waitress forgot about us in the midst of the excitement. John couldn't place who he was so he wanted to get a picture. I chickened out - my thoughts - he gets enough of that - let's just leave him alone...So, out to the car we go. John grabs the camera and I take a seat in the car and call my sister to tell her about our morning. I wait a couple of minutes before I see him coming out and looking a little smug - he met his movie star and took a picture to prove it...


Anonymous said...

Ok...WOW!! I always wondered if I "ran into" a movie star, would I even know it?? I just have to say, Val Kilmer really kinda looks scuzzy in person?? I think it's the hair! Ha ha...O well. Anyway, what an exciting morning you guys had!! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh...and I MUST say, John is MUCH better looking!! =)

Roderick said...

unbelievable! Rod

Debs said...

I'm not sure if I would've recognized him! He looks MUCH different from Tombstone ;o) LOL! Very cool!

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

That is pretty cool!! Great picture John! I will show this to Tim once he gets home from work. I am sure he will enjoy it more than me as he knows who this guy is!! Glad you had a great trip to D.C. It was good seeing you this last week. Thanks for your hospitality!! We enjoyed being with you.

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

This would only happen to a Varner? I can just picture the conversation:
Bethany: John! its Val Kilmer!!
John: Val who?
Bethany: Kilmer!!
John: Who in the world is that?
Bethany: The guy from "Top Gun"
John: "Top" What?
Bethany: The movie!
John: was he in "D2"?
Bethany: NO!
John: So he's a movie star?
Bethany: Yes
John: Oh, you should get a picture!
Bethany: No way, He probably is sick of that!
John: I'll ask

John: Mr. Kilmer can I get a pic?
Val: I suppose
John (internal monologue while picture is taken): I have no idea who this is...I wonder if he knows Emilio Estevez?

John, you rule

Rob H said...

That is soooooo crazy!!! Rob and I are laughing at how chunky he looks :) Hope you had a great time..

Bethany said...

Tim - you are so funny and sooooo right - oh, my goodness!!